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Grow Longer Lashes by Discovering the Common Causes of Eyelash Hair Loss

In current times, long luxurious eyelashes are thought of as a necessity to adequately showcasing one’s eyes. With mascara adverts dominating our TV’s and magazines, when a woman starts to suffer from eyelash loss it can be very upsetting. As with other regions of the body that has hair, natural shedding of the eyelashes can occur when new growth pushes out old eyelashes. This is the most common cause for why eyelashes are falling out. Unfortunately, in some individuals, the causes of eyelash hair loss may be more complicated. Only a proper diagnosis by a physician or dermatologist will be able to yield a remedy to halt the loss of one’s eyelashes.Dveeu

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The 5 common causes of eyelash hair loss are:

* Ciliary Madarosis is one of the most common causes of eyelash hair loss. Ciliary Madarosis is the medical term for the loss of one’s eyelashes. It is generally caused by blepharitis, which can only be treated by a physician. This condition often forms in conjunction with erythematic. The development of blepharitis can also lead to swelling of the eyes, sensitivity to light, and burning or tingling sensations.

* Alopecia is one of the less common causes of eyelash hair loss. This disorder generally occurs when the human body’s immune system attacks the hair follicles of the body. In most instances, the hair loss is restricted to the scalp; however, depending upon the severity of the condition, the hair loss can spread to the facial region and other regions of the body. Although a physician can treat it, the condition is generally incurable.

* Thyroid conditions can also affect hair growth and hair loss, including that of the 3d soft false eyelashes wholesale. If an individual has a low functioning thyroid, hair loss can be one of the primary symptoms. On the plus side, this cause as to why eyelashes fall out is highly treatable. Generally, once the thyroid condition has been treated, the loss of the eyelashes ceases immediately.

* Cosmetics and certain makeup removers can have an adverse effect on one’s 3d soft false eyelashes wholesale. Generally, the reason why eyelashes fall out is because the body is having an allergic reaction to ingredients in the products. Switching to hypoallergenic cleansers and makeup products can greatly reduce the effect this has on one’s eyelashes.

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* Trichotillomania or TTM is a very common cause of eyelash hair loss, as in this instance, the loss is caused by the individual. TTM is an impulse disorder that causes the individual to compulsively pull out their lashes from the eyelids or pluck them out. As it is a compulsion, over time the damage to the 3d soft false eyelashes wholesale could be permanent and inhibit further growth. In these instances, as it in a disorder, treatment tends to vary from prescription medication, to behavioral support therapy.

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