Do Eyelash Serums Really Work?

Magnificent! Splendid! I saw first results after a week already –

customized mink lashes factory 
customized mink lashes factory

These are some of the emotional comments by women, who have tried out a lash serum to grow longer and stronger customized mink lashes factory and have been compelled to share their delight on internet forums. A quick online search reveals that there are many who have already tried a serum and are satisfied with faster eyelash growth. Many however are curious, but not entirely confident about what it promises – there is a lot of discussion about whether it is really possible to multiply the beauty of eyelashes and make them longer and thicker in only two to three months.

Dveeu In general, the responses seem to be rather positive. Eyelash serums are extensively tested by manufacturers before putting them out on sale. Studies have shown that only two women out of a hundred did not see the expected results.

One forum poster, for instance, wrote: “For the first months there were no visible results, but after that things started to change. Within two months, many of my more observant acquaintances, including my beautician pointed out, that my customized mink lashes factory are noticeably longer than they used to be. What surprised me was that my eyelashes began to curl upwards as well”. She had been using the serum daily for four months and then continued applying it only once or twice a week.

When evaluating different lash extending products, it may now be argued that mascara and artificial eyelashes are yesterdays news. Eyelash extension serums are getting the spotlight, because when used consistently, the result is truly persistent. Artificial lashes must eventually be removed, not to mention mascara that needs to be wiped off every evening. The good news about eyelash serum is, that you do not need to quit using mascara and even artificial customized mink lashes factory, because these do not interfere with applying the serum. You can energize the beauty of eyelashes with artificial means until your own lashes grow.

Is this a miracle remedy then that magically makes the customized mink lashes factory grow? In fact the serum contains active ingredients that strengthen lash hair and predispose lash growth. Ricinus oil and olive oil are long known in cosmetics and women have applied them to lashes purely and simply, to give lashes extra strength and glister. Additionally, the serum contains various other agents that promote lash growth.

But of course no miraculous agent helps, if the serum is not used in the proper manner. To obtain beautiful customized mink lashes factory, one has to be persistent and apply the serum to the upper eyelid lash line daily, so that when the serum constantly stimulates the hair follicle, it eventually starts to engage its lengthening and strengthening qualities.

customized mink lashes factory 
customized mink lashes factory

One of the most effective eyelash growth serums delivering proven results is the new Yxes serum by Chamonix Cosmetics.


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