Easily Create Dior faux silk mink eyelash suppliers Just Like the Stars

Recently, the world’s beauty labs have been introducing some sweeping technological changes – brushes that are flexible, curved and even vibrating, with mascara formulations that lengthen, volumise and improve the condition of the faux silk mink eyelash suppliers .

So this spring, shape up to a whole new lash look by learning all the right moves, then select the formula you need for your most flattering flutter.

faux silk mink eyelash suppliers 
faux silk mink eyelash supplier

Step-by-step to the ultimate lovely faux silk mink eyelash suppliers 

  1. Use an eyelash curler (unless your lashes are sensitive or weakened, in which case you should limit their use to special occasions). This will not only curve your lashes but separate them as well, so mascara goes on more smoothly.
  2. New wands generally hold too much product to allow you to go straight from barrel to lash, so gently dab off excess, preferably on kitchen towel (tissues tend to have too many fibres that can enter the formula itself).
  3. Work on your upper faux silk mink eyelash suppliers  from the inner corner outwards. Looking down onto a hand mirror encourages you to brush right from root to tip. For more oomph, wiggle the brush very slightly at the root – this ensures more mascara is deposited at the base. Stroke right through lashes and tip the ends with mascara to lengthen them as much as possible. If mascara clumps, use a lash comb (or an old, washed mascara brush) to separate the lashes while the product is still damp – if it’s too dry, this can make it flake.
  4. Without re-loading your brush, move to the lower faux silk mink eyelash suppliers  – as they are finer, they don’t need as much coating. For hard-to-reach bottom lashes, use the tip of the wand, holding it vertically, to ‘paint’ them (providing you have already wiped off excess). If mascara tends to land on your skin, hold a hand mirror just above eye level and look up into it – this will make the bottom lashes lift clear of the under-eye area.

Mascara mixologyWork the benefits of different textures and colours – for example, try a lengthening mascara followed by a volumising one for extra drama. Or use black mascara first, then touch the tips with a coloured variety so your faux silk mink eyelash suppliers  have depth but also catch the light as you blink.

faux silk mink eyelash suppliers 
faux silk mink eyelash suppliers

Top tips

  • If you have round eyes, concentrate more on the outer faux silk mink eyelash suppliers  for a winged-out effect. If you have narrow-shaped eyes, focus more mascara coverage on the centre of the lashes.
  • If you have blonde or red lashes, a rich brown shade tends to tone in more easily than stark black.

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