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False eyelashes were invented by movie director D.W. Griffith, who
created false eyelashes in order to make the eyes of actresses stand out
more while he was filming the nineteen-sixteen epic movie “Intolerance.”
To create this effect, a wigmaker took human hair and wove it through a
fine gauze material. This creation was then gummed to the actresses lash
line. Ever since then, eyelashes have been a staple not only in
Hollywood, but in regular society as well. In the nineteen thirties and
forties, during the time of black and white movies, actresses like Betty
Davis, Joan Crawford, and Marlene Dietrich wore eyelashes to make their
own eyelashes more prominent. During the nineteen sixties, the model
Twiggy made false eyelashes part of the Mod look and soon many
housewives were wearing them. Soon afterwards, the trend became less
main stream and eyelashes were mainly worn by Las Vegas showgirls and
drag queens.Dveeu

3d soft false eyelashes wholesale
3d soft false eyelashes wholesale

Eyelashes Today

Today, there are so many different options when it comes to selecting
false eyelashes that it is hard to know which ones to choose. False
eyelashes come in so many different lengths, thicknesses, and even
colors. It is best to purchase false eyelashes that look as natural as
possible. This means not purchasing fake eyelashes that are too thick,
or too dark. For color, it is best to choose false eyelashes that are
dark brown in color. If you have dark colored skin, then you could wear
black eyelashes as well. If you have blonde hair, it is best to go with
lighter-colored false eyelashes.

If you make a mistake and buy fake eyelashes that are either too long or
too wide, there are ways that you can fix them. If the ones you bought

3d soft false eyelashes wholesale
3d soft false eyelashes wholesale

are too long, you should trim them so that they are just slightly
shorter. It is important not to trim too much off, because while you can
always trim more off, you can’t go back and add length. If the false
eyelashes you bought are too wide, then you should hold up the eyelashes
to your eye and estimate how much to trim. Carefully snip off a few
hairs on one end of the eyelashes, and then test it again. Keep doing
this until your false eyelashes are at the desired width; it is not
uncommon for it to be necessary to trim false eyelashes because they are
usually too wide.

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