To Have Beautiful Eyelashes!

Eyelashes serve the purpose of shielding our eyes from possible injury. Eyelashes work in a similar fashion to the whiskers on a cat. They help us to sense possible impending danger or injury and we can then avoid it by batting or closing our eyes. But perhaps just as importantly, beautiful eyelashes are an ornamental component of our face.Dveeu

beautiful eyelashes
beautiful eyelashes

Another function of beautiful eyelashes is that of framing our eyes which adds to the facial features of an individual. They are very ornamental. Without eyelashes an individual is not only more vulnerable to possible eye injuries but the face seems to be distorted to a degree. Eyelashes are one of the ‘landmarks’ of the face that we expect to see.

Humans are born with beautiful eyelashes. They develop in the embryo between the seventh and eighth week. Just like the hair on our head, eyelashes grow back if they fall out or are plucked. The process can take awhile though, it’s been estimated that it takes anywhere from four to eight weeks to replace a single eyelash. The color of the eyelashes is usually similar that of the hair on the head but slightly lighter.

There can be various causes for the absence or loss of beautiful eyelashes: facial trauma and scarring, side-effects of treatments and therapies, hair plucking, and even congenital absence of all body hair. Because eyelashes are valued for their decorative purposes, as well as the protective advantages, many people without or with sparse eyelashes opt for ways to give the appearance of greater eyelash density.

From the simple use of cosmetics to the use of artificial beautiful eyelashes, the need can be satisfied rather simply and inexpensively. But some people prefer methods that are more permanent in nature. One option is semi permanent eyelashes. This solution is more expensive than artificial eyelashes but for many this is a better choice. The semi-permanent lashes stay in place approximately 2 – 3 months, and they give a very natural appearance. But for many the repetitive applications can be a drawback. Over time this choice is an expensive option.

Permanent eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly more popular as an option for anyone desiring beautiful beautiful eyelashes. The surgical process involves actual implantation of individual strands of hair into the lash line. Although this is a very expensive and extreme choice more and more people are opting for it.

Some experts believe the procedure should be reserved for individuals requiring the beautiful eyelashes due to a medical nature or reason and not for cosmetic purposes. Before opting for this procedure one should do a fair amount of research. Learn about the procedure itself as well as the doctor that will be performing the task. As with any medical procedure, certain risks do exist. Notably, there is a risk of infection.

beautiful eyelashes
beautiful eyelashes

The quest continues for a better and safer way to enhance the appearance of our beautiful eyelashes . A new eyelash conditioner product is now available that stimulates eyelash growth. By doing so it promotes long, fuller and thicker beautiful eyelashes. The formula is applied along the base of the lashes in a fashion similar to the application of an eyeliner. The product is non-irritating. With all these advantages permanent extensions may soon become a thing of the past.


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