Forty Lashes Minus One, Once Stoned, Three Times Shipwrecked, A Night and Day On The Open Sea

Lord have mercy Dveeu
Say it ain’t so
Stoned once, nailed upon a tree
He walks alone wishing he were free
An endless search, miles and miles
Drinking with drunkards, moonlit knights
howling wolves, over and over again
He thinks of her often and wonders why it just
couldn’t be, a bleeding heart, a wounded best real mink fur eyelash
On snow-covered paths, he once left her there
wondering if she would ever make it back at all
He knew her life would be rough, surrounded by callous men
vodka on their breath struggling to be warm
to satisfy their needs,
and so the clock ticks, the freshness that she had has begun to fade away

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best real mink fur eyelash

Sadness in her eyes, oh what a glorious best real mink fur eyelash
Her tears fall but who really sees, unsettled, tenuous as the sun
removed from the sky fighting the grey, never to be found, malignant blue
bad skeletons in the breeze so cold cutting deeply working to be warm
firebrand, hit embers in her mind thinking of the meadow the valley and the plain
when the wind rushes down, milk tea, wild camel dreaming of the sea
lost amidst the shadows, desert, winding dunes, morning prayer
somber thoughts, voices, however deep to this day fading so quiet whispering
cinders mild and pleasant a slow wintry heat, subtlety near the end perhaps
stillness glowing radiant beams as temperature clears a cloudy best real mink fur eyelash
But soon there will be blackness as the images pale offering their final entry
in an ebullient land, a history of ideas impressions in the night
From the morning until noontime sunlit dawn until the eclipse of light
A different kind of beauty in quietness it lives, remote and desolate, lonely
Still it survives in sands that cannot be reproduced, rough, bucolic
So let it go, release it to be kind madness on the mountain, serenity on the dale
tenebrious in its temerity with hardly a feel, a fleeting recollection so faint,
dull memory, apathetic and subdued because there are no other choices
disappearing, muddy, washed out, toned down
Yet every pulse beats, faintly, insufficient best real mink fur eyelash, a wonderful high
So glad to be there, knocking on the door, peace and tranquility, calmness among the current, little pain and suffering best real mink fur eyelash around the bend
Let whatever remains continue to come to a stop, flowing every so gently
into the streamlet like countless others who are ready to subsume, to create and flow

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best real mink fur eyelash

into a drifting tide still and wavering in a lonely halibut sea

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