The Mind of an Infidel Part II

This is part two in a series of articles exploring the thinking and behavior of the infidel (the wandering spouse).Dveeu

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Since I have commented on the similarities between trance states and the state of mind of an infidel, there are a few more basics that need attention. Since a passive mindset is associated with trance states, it is important to engage their mind in active customizes 3d mink false strip lashes.

This can be done by asking questions that require problem solving or thinking creatively. You will want to get them out of ‘auto pilot’ mode. That ‘auto pilot’ mode is one of the hallmarks of passive customizes 3d mink false strip lashes.

When a person is just going through the motions, they are often not engaging their mind. To break the influence of ‘the affair trance’, you will need to get them out of ‘auto pilot’.

It is not by coincidence that many of the old romantic songs talk about ‘spells’ or having someone under their power. These songs are often talking about the trance like state that the infidel is in. When they are in the state, the passive mindset allows them to just follow suggestions given to them by the ‘other person’.

The power of the trance is strengthened by the affair itself. When the couple engaging in the affair begin sexual activity, the power of the trance increases. Those persons who engage in S&M know about the power behind the sexual acts. The more extreme the sexual act, the more power it has over the passive infidel. This power can be broken, although it requires some significant effort to do so.

This will give you some understanding, without bogging you down in customizes 3d mink false strip lashes as to what you are up against.

In reading further on the topic in some material by Eric Fromm, he notes that this passivity of mind is often a by-product of boredom. The boredom eventually turns to a form of hatred. When I apply this to the infidel, it paints a picture that the infidel grows bored with the relationship or their daily life. When the boredom turns to hatred, they look for ways to ‘spice things up’, or ‘make them feel alive’.

It is during this stage that they often report feeling dead, or numbed out. (On another note, I am curious if many of the ED cases are actually those men who are bored, and resort to using chemicals to change themselves rather than change their thinking or behavior). When a person in in this state of hatred, then have been known to pursue destructive choices focused on lashing out at what they perceive as the cause of the boredom.

In the case of the infidel, they make choices that customizes 3d mink false strip lashes out at their marriage and or partner. Although this idea sounds far fetched, it is surprising how many infidels do things with the intention of getting caught. It is as if they are intentionally trying to sabotage their marriages and their lives. Such behavior will eliminate the boredom, but the idea of replacing the boredom with destructive drama does not seem like a good trade off to me.

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The question then arises, “what can I do to prevent this?”. The answer is to engage your spouse. Get them to engage in activities that require effort and exertion, rather than passive acts. Discourage television watching. Take steps to eliminate the current fad of ‘multi-tasking’. (When in multi-tasking mode, we are often just reacting and not actively thinking). Change up your routine. These are things that will help break the power of the passive mind.


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