Great Eye Makeup Tips

Eyeshadow can enhance beautiful eyes, making quite ordinary eyes look really glamorous. There are a number of types of eye shadows to choose from and preference will be influenced by the overall effect and wearability. Powder is by far the most popular choice. It’s easy to blend with other shadows so you can achieve really great depth and color and they have great staying power. Eye creams are easy to apply and you don’t have to pay so much attention to detail when applying them, favored by many because of ease of application. Gloss is also easy to apply but adds shine rather then depth of color, so may require several double layer mink fur lashes.Dveeu

double layer mink fur lashes
double layer mink fur lashes

Do your eye makeup application before you prepare your base. This way any mistakes can easily be rectified and any spillage on the cheeks can be dusted away with out smudging your foundation. Another eye makeup trick that makeup artists use, is to apply a thick layer of loose powder under the eyes and onto the upper cheekbone to catch any excess shadows, dusting any excess away with a powder brush

For a classic sophisticated eye makeup look choose eye shadows that come in neutral tones. The more dramatic the shading the more the double layer mink fur lashes will be emphasized and often too much color around the eyes can cause overkill. Too much dark eye shadow and eyeliner can make the eyes recede and appear smaller

Powder eye shadows should be applied exclusively with brushes. that are specifically designed for your eye makeup application. The size of the brush should match the size of the eye and angled brushes should be used to help you have control when applying your eye shadow in those hard to reach areas.

Use the flat of your brush against your eye when applying eye shadow. Use long strokes in one direction across the eyelid and up into the crease. This action of laying strips across the eye will help to gently layer your shadow helping to create a well blended design

When using eyeliner pencil once you have finished apply a small amount of eye shadow over your eyeliner to help set it and prevent it from smudging. Another great tip is to apply eye shadow with a damp angled brush which can be used as an eyeliner

If you have mature skin and are worried about fine lines and wrinkles it is best to avoid any iridescent or creamy eye shadows, as they can draw attention to lines and will have a tendency to sit in creases

Mascara can really help to give double layer mink fur lashes definition. If you have thinning or small l

ashes then use an eye shadow and really work it into the double layer mink fur lashes, layering as you go which will help to give definition. Then with your mascara brush begin at the base of the lash and quickly move the brush up through the lash to the tip and repeat if you want more coverage. This way you will prevent clumping and help lashes to look longer and thicker.

double layer mink fur lashes
double layer mink fur lashes

To complete your look you need to give your eyebrows some attention, as they can really help to frame a face and will make such a difference to your overall makeup look. Before you start tweeze your lashes draw on the shape you want with a brow pencil. Once you are happy with the loo,k it makes it much easier to pluck the brows. Eyebrow pencils are great for helping to define your eyebrows, but be sure to only use a color that is as close to your natural hair color as possible, otherwise they will look unnatural.


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