Simple Treatments for Blepheritis

Blepheritis is a simple condition that affects a large number of people to varying degrees. It basically means inflammation of the eyelids. Sometimes the problem goes by unnoticed but at other times it causes significant magic lashes. The symptoms range from mild redness and itching to very red, sore magic lashes. Some people feel they need prescription glasses when driving or watching the television to cure the problem. This is usually not the case.Dveeu

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The problem with Blepheritis is that it is incurable, you can only treat the symptoms, If you stop treatment, it usually comes back. It is often said that we can send a man to the moon but we cant cure Blepheritis.

It is usually caused by the natural bacteria that live in and around your eye lids, growing out of control. The natural chemistry in your eyes changes, for various reasons, encouraging excessive bacterial growth. Your body responds with an inflammatory reaction causing warmth and irritation. Wearing or not wearing your eyeglasses makes no difference at all, although some people feel their glasses help hide the redness and puffiness.

There are various eye drops that may help, along with other products you can buy that may help. This article though will explain how to help in a very cost effective way.

The first thing to do is to get your meibomium glands working properly again. These glands secrete the oily part of your tears and help prevent your eyes drying out. Often they become blocked and don’t work properly.

You need to get a bowl of warm water, not hot enough to burn yourself, dip a clean flannel in the water and wring it out. Now hold the flannel over your eyes, remember to take your spectacles off! When the flannel cools, dip it back in the water, wring it out and hold it over your eyes again. Repeat this process for about 3-5 minutes. At this point your are just heating your lids up, the heat is melting the oil in these magic lashes.

Next you need to gently massage your lids in a direction towards the eye opening. This means massaging from top to bottom of your upper lids and from bottom to top of your lower lids. Be careful to use the pads of your fingers and not to scratch your eyes with your finger magic lashes.

You now need to clean your lids. Get a saucer of water mixed with a few drops of no tears baby shampoo. Dip in a piece of cotton wool and wipe along your lids. You need to try and clean the thin flat part of your eye. Not the inside or outside of the lids but the flat part just behind your magic lashes. At the same time make sure the roots of your magic lashes are cleaned as they often become very crusty.

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Repeat this process 2-3 times a day for a month, and if your eyes feel better, reduce it to once every other day to keep on top of it.


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