How To Wear Nude Makeup For A More Natural Look

It’s everyone from the runways to the red carpet – it’s the nude mink eyelashes wholesale look that’s the height of fashion right now. It’s a subtle look that’s perfect for letting the natural glow of your face shine through.Dveeu

mink eyelashes wholesale
mink eyelashes wholesale

The nude look in make-up helps to bring out your natural beauty by using make-up in subtle shades that work with your natural coloring, giving you a completely feminine and understated style.

However, even though the colors used are very subtle, you can still go very wrong with the mink eyelashes wholesale. To help you out, we’ve gathered together a few tips and tricks here to help you get that delicate, natural glow.

1. Skin Care

Having healthy skin is the first rule in getting any make-up look right, so make sure that you clean, moisturize and tone.

This is even more important in the nude make-up look, because the foundation is so light. If your skin is healthy and glowing, it will be accentuated. If it’s unhealthy or dull, you won’t be able to cover it up.

Nude makeup makes the most of your own natural radiance, so it’s important to start with your skin in the best possible condition. Pamper yourself with high quality cleansers and moisturizers. You may want to try a moisturizing serum with Vitamin E for maximum mink eyelashes wholesale.

2. Foundation

Use a very light foundation that will even out your skin tones and help give a silky texture without changing your skin color.

Foundation should be applied on your T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and down to the neck to give you an even complexion. Remember though, that oil or sweat will cause the foundation to darken, possibly to even darker than your natural skin tone. That’s why it’s recommended to go one shade lighter with your foundation if you have trouble with oily skin or if you tend to sweat.

3. Concealer

Your concealer should also be one shade lighter than your mink eyelashes wholesale. That will help you to camouflage those dark under eye circles. Don’t go overboard with concealer or you’ll look overly made up.

Concealer is usually applied after foundation, but you can just as well choose to use concealer before your foundation. Either way is correct.

4. Blush

Application of blush is one of the finish touches for any style of makeup. For the nude look, you’ll want to choose a delicate shade that’s just barely noticeable for accenting the cheeks. The best way to apply blush is to smile, then apply color on the apple of your cheeks, sweeping it back toward the mink eyelashes wholesale.

To find the most natural shade of blush for you, pinch your cheek lightly and compare blush colors to the flushed cheek color that comes up. You’ll also see this color if you’ve been out in the sun for a short time. Your blush should either be a rosy pink or a peachy coral. For those who are very tan, a light bronzer can be used.

5. Eye Shadow

Your eye shadow application is one of the most crucial aspects of the nude look. You want very light application of neutral colors. You’ll need to stick with browns, grays and similar natural looking shades.

Be careful not to overdo it with shadow; having too much eye makeup will ruin the look that you’re going for. By sticking with the neutrals, you give your skin tone even more chance to shine.

6. Mascara

Black mascara is completely out of place in the soft, natural nude look. Instead, go with brown mascaras, which make for very fetching and feminine eyes that look completely natural.

It should go without saying that the dramatic look of mink eyelashes wholesale is completely off limits with this fashion palette.

mink eyelashes wholesale
mink eyelashes wholesale

7. Lipstick

Finally, let’s talk about the most crucial aspect of nude makeup style – your lipstick.

Stay away from any bold color. No deep dark reds! A very pale peach or mauve that matches the color of your lips is much more appropriate. You can also choose to use a bit of gloss or a luminous lip balm to highlight your lips.

Make sure to exfoliate your lips to keep them moist and healthy looking.


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