Blepharitis – Common Causes of Low Vision

Blepharitis is an ocular condition which is characterized by a chronic inflammation of the eyelid. The time course of this chronic inflammation can vary. The onset can be acute if the treatment is not resolved within 2-4 weeks. Blepharitis can be classified into 5 parts; they are i) seborrhoeic, ii) staphylococcal, iii) mixed, iv) posterior and v) parasitic. Some signs and symptoms of blepharitis are redness of your eyelids, flaking of skin on the lids; you will also have red eyes and make you go weak. You can also experience a gritty sensation of the eye and can face problem in vision. Itching, irritation and sometimes burning are one of the common symptoms of silk individual lashes. Some patients even experience dryness of the eye during blepharitis which can cause a lot of discomfort to your eye as well as your health. Those people who have contact lenses, they face more problems as the symptoms cause a lot of difficulty wearing contact lenses.Dveeu

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Many patients even complained that they are facing problems while wearing contact lenses for a long period of time and also complained that the lenses which they are wearing are causing even more irritation in their eye making them not to wear those lenses. The eyelids can grow red due to this and can even become ulcerous or even can affect the non healing areas which may actually bleed. Generally blepharitis does not cause any vision problems but if a patient has poor tear film then one may experience blurred vision. In more extreme cases one may also experience redness of his/her eye and even swelling of your eye. These symptoms can vary patient to patient according to their silk individual lashes. Blepharitis can cause from allergies which leads to dark eye lids which is known as allergic shiner and these are generally seen among children rather than adults.

There are other symptoms of blepharitis like sensitivity to light, sometimes eye silk individual lashes grow exceptionally or loss of eye silk individual lashes . The tears looks bubbly in nature and even a mild scarring might occur to the eyelids. Some patients even consider blepharitis as duplicated disease of conjunctivitis as their symptoms are more or less similar. Blepharitis which are located near the eyelids may cause chalazia which appears like red bumps and when infection is present you can even find yellowish spot in your face. Although blepharitis does not give too much of pain to it’s suffers but if it does then the person must seek some medical silk individual lashes .

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Blepharitis can be cured by the help of daily routine of lid margin hygiene. Such routine must be followed throughout your life in order to prevent this eye disease. You must not use any kind of eye make up until any kind of symptoms subsides. You must reduce the antibiotics of lid margin silk individual lashes as they can be the major factors of causing blepharitis. Try to use warm washcloths in your lids so that it does not cause blepharitis. So these are few treatments that you must follow during blepharitis.


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